Create custom labels to display your images

Label Editor

Click on the text to edit
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Display your QR codes elegantly

Create fully customized labels with our editor to display your QR codes in a more professional way.

Configure the text you want to display, the color of the text, the border, etc. Insert the logo you want to display in the center of the main image, or hide it if you prefer.

Manage your labels from your user profile

Save your labels in your profile page to be able to edit or print them at any time.
You just have to login to your account and you will have the option of save the label in your personal account available. If you also modify one of the labels that you had saved, you can save it as new.

Print your labels the easy way

You just have to click on the print button once you have configured the label and you will be shown a view from which you can print it.