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Generate QR Code

You can convert a picture to a QR Code and can use any valid format, such as jpg or png.

LightenPic QR Code Generator is a easy and free way to turn image into qr code.

You can scan the code at any time to access the picture saved in the cloud.

LightenPic will upload your image to the cloud and generate a QR code through which to access a page where it is viewed, all in a single step.

Save and protect your generated QR codes

With your LightenPic user account you can save and manage your QR codes in your profile page. You can enable or disable the assigned image, upload new images or permanently delete the QR code. Only the owner can delete the QR codes and the images uploaded to it.

How long are my images stored?

Images are permanently saved for authenticated users. In the event that the images are not linked to any user, and when there has been no access to the resource for at least 90 days, those images may be deleted from our storage.

How can I prevent my images from being deleted?

There are several ways to prevent that images are deleted. First, login before generating an entity (QR code, slider,...). This will prevent the images from being susceptible to deletion. If you don't want to register, no problem. You just have to make sure that the resource is accessed at least once every 90 days. If you don't want to worry about it, you can create an entity without advertising, checking the corresponding option when generating it.

How can I delete the image that I have uploaded?

When a QR code is generated the image is saved in a storage service to be publicly accessed through a URL. At any time, the image can be deleted using the same URL.

Paste the generated URL in the following form and submit. This will delete the image from our storage.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a module to store information in a dot matrix or in a two-dimensional barcode. The matrix is read on the mobile device by a specific reader (QR reader) and immediately leads us to an internet application and it can be a location map, an email, a web page or a profile on a social network.

LightenPic QR Code Generator creates in a single step an URL where it displays the image selected by the user and a QR code that links to that URL.

How can I read a QR code?

QR codes can be read directly by the smartphone or tablet camera if it supports this functionality. If not, there are numerous applications for different operating systems that help you perform this function. Most commonly, devices have an application to read QR codes pre-installed.